Primary Job of the Captain

By Captain I mean the person that is in charge of the vessel. Whether it is a 3 person canoe, a ski boat or a giant cruise ship. The captain must take charge and maintain the safety of the people and property both aboard and in the influence of the boat. The responsibility should not be taken lightly. Captain’s Responsibilities

Last year there was an incident on our lake where the person driving a 20 or 25 ft power boat was not paying attention while driving fast late at night. They ran over a small boat with two people aboard. The people in the small boat were killed and the driver of the large boat did not stop and is in jail to this day. Many things went wrong that night. The small boat should not have been out where it could get hit, the large boat should have been paying better attention, the large boat captain should have stopped to give assistance. if he did he would likely not be in jail today and perhaps the passengers of the small boat would still be alive.

Captains: Take charge be responsible never take your role lightly. Read more

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